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Keep Pressing Forward: A Tibet travel essay by Devin Moore

Tibet: a magnificent place steeped in ancient history. Mountains dominate the landscape at every turn and prayer flags flutter in the wind as their mantras pervade outward bringing peace and wisdom to those below. Rivers meander through IMG_0457valleys like veins, providing life-blood for the farms that allow Tibet’s people to eek out an existence in the harsh elements. Walking out of the airport, I was ecstatic and nervous at the same time; my first visit to Tibet was my first trip overseas at all. Jumping into the unknown halfway around the world was a test of fate.

“Tashi Delek, welcome to Tibet,” said a smiling man holding a piece of paper with my name on it. He draped around my neck a long white Khata, a sash symbolizing purity and compassion...

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Travel Essays

I love challenges, travel is one of the greatest and most enjoyable challenges. Over the course of my travel experiences I’ve written essays that reflect on my experiences and let readers see the world through my point of view. From time to time I’ll be posting my work; if you’d like to know more feel free to get in touch.

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