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Devin Moore Tibet Travel Part 3: A view from the roof of Jokhang Temple

Click here to see Lhasa from the roof of Jokhang Temple!

Today, part three of my series on Tibet takes us to Lhasa. While the previous installment features Lhasa’s Jokhang Square in the early morning, this week features a video that was taken on the roof of Jokhang Temple in the mid afternoon. As we discussed last time, Jokhang Temple is a pilgrimage site for Tibetan Buddhists from all corners of Tibet; even those living in the most remote areas aspire to make the journey at least once in their life. This place houses the only known image of the Shakyamuni Buddha known to remain in existence. When the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, was twelve years old, a statue was carved of him and given to Tibet as a gift from Beijing.

Relative to the crisp mornings, the wind blows lightly carrying wit...

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Devin Moore Tibet Travel Part 2: Early Morning in Jokhang Square

This week takes us to Lhasa, the cultural and political capital of Tibet. One side of Lhasa is typical of any rapidly expanding city, while the other side retains much of its old world charm. Pictured here is Jokhang Square in the early morning. At this time of day, not many tourists roam the winding paths of Barkhor Bazaar, a hustling and bustling market area that encircles the square. Out of big chimneys like the one you see here, incense floats toward the heavens filling the area with an earthen aroma that has a hint of pine needles. Cold mountain air bites at exposed skin, making a jacket necessary.

Devin Moore Tibet Travel Blog

Jokhang Square is named after Jokhang Temple, whose outer wall you see in the background...

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Inaugural Picture Essay!

Welcome to my inaugural picture blog! Every now and then, I will be posting a discussion of a picture taken on my travels through Asia. I hope that my travel experiences will inspire you to embark upon your own adventure, wherever they may take you.

Devin Moore Tibet Travel

Tibet: A magnificent land of unparalleled natural beauty and home to a fascinating people whose culture is rooted in the ancient past. I took my first trip to Tibet in the summer of 2011 with my good friend Shane Franklin. The highlight of our adventure was the four-day trek from Old Tingri to Mt. Everest Base Camp. Old Tingri is a small village that sits in the Himalayas at an altitude of about 13000 feet. Up here the dry air is thin and the wind blows constantly.

The picture featured here is of a cairn Shane and I stacked together...

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Picture Discussions

I have countless photos from my travels across Asia. Coming soon are pictures and a discussion of where they were taken.

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