prof-photoMy name is Devin K. Moore, I’m a graduate intern at Directv and owner of Devin Moore LLC. Up until beginning work at Directv the focus of Devin Moore LLC was to develop an artificial intelligence platform for automated trading using a powerful combination of statistics and machine learning, driven by the programming language R. After Directv gave me the opportunity to pursue similar work I made the decision to put this project on hold until after I complete my master’s thesis in economics.

Devin Moore LLC was born in the tourism industry, preceded by My Tibet Trip LLC. In cooperation with Lhasa, Tibet based  Tibet Ctrip Travel Service, I started off working to connect people in my local area with Tibet travel solutions and then moved on to work with Tibet Ctrip directly. With Tibet Ctrip I authored over 200 search engine optimized press releases that were syndicated to news agencies around the world.

From 2007-2014 I’ve also been employed in customer facing and, most recently, academic roles with a few short breaks for travel and focus on my education: first as a teller at Empire Bank then as a senior financial service advisor at Chase Credit Card Services and also as a teaching assistant at Missouri State University and University of Colorado-Denver.

Currently I am not seeking new projects or business opportunities, please check back June 2015. In the meantime I invite you to review my past projects and example work.