prof-photoMy name is Devin K. Moore, owner of Devin Moore LLC. Currently at Devin Moore LLC I’m developing a computational finance platform using a powerful combination of statistics and machine learning driven by the programming language R. This platform will be used to provide real-time analysis of market data for automated trading.

Devin Moore LLC was born in the tourism industry, preceded by My Tibet Trip LLC.  In cooperation with Lhasa, Tibet based  Tibet Ctrip Travel Service, I started off working to connect people in the US with Tibet travel solutions and then moved on to work with Tibet Ctrip directly. With Tibet Ctrip I authored over 200 search engine optimized press releases that were syndicated to news agencies around the world.

Concurrent with achieving academic excellence I’ve gained 2+ years of experience as a business owner. During this time I’ve learned to program in R, become familiar with the basics of SQL, employed advanced statistical analysis, developed outstanding written communication skills, and maintained international business relationships. In addition, I’ve been employed since 2007 with a few short breaks for academics and travel: first as a teller at Empire Bank then as a senior financial service advisor at Chase Credit Card Services and finally as a teaching assistant at Missouri State University and University of Colorado-Denver.

Unlike other recent graduates I’ve developed the soft skills and technical expertise necessary to succeed in the workplace. If you’re in need of someone with superior quantitative and analytic ability who also has no problem picking up the phone or writing an email, look no further.